Problems with Cleaning a Ghillie Suit

Published: 08th October 2008
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This is one of the most frequently asked questions from Ghillie Suit owners. For military personnel and snipers whose suits are sometimes quickly assembled and are never intended to be used for more than just a few days at a time. The case for Hunters and Paintball enthusiasts who are proud of their Ghillie Suits are much more concerned about how their suit will survive the washing machine - which for Ghillie Suits, its their Kryptonite.

If you purchased a commercially manufactured Ghillie Suit, meaning you did not make your Ghillie Suit - then its most likely made out burlap cloth or jute twine. Ghillie Suits made out of these materials, washing them in a machine is highly discouraged, because the cloth, the artificial twigs and leaves are much too sensitive for the rigorous washing and drying cycle. Furthermore, washing your Ghillie Suit will remove or reduce the flame retardant it was treated in.

On the other hand, ghillie suit owners have told me that if you wash one piece at a time on the gentle cycle and on medium dry-heat - their Ghillie Suits have lived to fight another battle, or otherwise have come out fairly well. Though, it's the case for some other Ghillie Suit owners who have reported that their Ghillie Suits becomes fluffier, leaves fur and increasingly becomes less usable.

While the reports are mixed about whether washing your Ghillie in a machine damages your suit or not, everyone says that their Ghillie Suit smells like lemons - which is not good. To avoid try washing your Ghillie Suit in a non-scent soap or less intense smelling soap. Remember, animals "early warning system" to thwart predators is their ability to scent out danger. To get your Ghillie Suit smelling like forest and mud, I suggest you start rolling around in dirt, pour manure and other natural environments that you can find to start getting that "natural" scent back.

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