How Ghillie Suits are Made?

Published: 08th October 2008
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If you are planning on making your own Ghillie Suit, this article should be of interest to you. Firstly, there are two methods in Ghillie Suit construction. The first method if my preference and the fast way of getting your Ghillie Suit and that is just to order a Ghillie Suit that is commercially manufactured. The second method of getting your very own Ghillie Suit is creating the suit yourself.

Military personnel and snipers know how to go about their jobs, and often they construct their own Ghillie Suits. On the other hand, hunters and paintball players prefer to purchase a Ghillie Suit made from either cloth or netting material and comes in one to four pieces - full Ghillie Suit, Upper Body Ghillie Suit Poncho, Ghillie Suit Pants, Ghillie Suit Veil.

For the purpose of hunting and paintballing, as opposed to military personnel whose lives rely on being as stealth and invisible as possible, a pre-manufactured Ghillie Suit more than suffices for their purposes. Hunters and Paintballers more often than not opt in buying a Ghillie Suit, is because constructing a Ghillie Suit is extremely tedious, meticulous, messy and very time consuming - taking up to a minimum of at least 100 hundred hours to complete a Ghillie Suit.

Snipers and Military personnel create their own Ghillie Suits, because their lives depend on it, and need their suits to perfectly match the surrounding they will be in. Custom, homemade Ghillie Suits tend to lack the quality of commercial products, because makers tend to give up quickly over frustration over the tedious work or either rush the work.

Ghillie Suits are made from different styles to create various camouflaged outfits. Most commercial Ghillie Suits are made from netting and cloth, attached with twine to create the illusion of leaves. Where as some manufacturers have made covering from rough burlap flaps or jute twine attached to an ordinary poncho. The U.S. Army used this method of Ghillie Suit construction, utilizing BDUs (Battle Dress Uniforms) or Flight Suits as the base garment.

Ghillie Suits can also be made from a synthetic design, replacing jute or burlap. Some Ghillie Suit users prefer this type of design for their lightness and ease of washing them as opposed to Ghillie Suits made from natural sources.

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