Do Ghillie Suits Work?

Published: 08th October 2008
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Despite the fact that the Ghillie Suit was not first developed for war, it's initial intention was for providing instant invisibility during Scottish hunting excursions. It was only when a Scottish Highland regiment formed by the British Army during the Second Boer War, was when the first known military unit was known to use ghillie suits. In 1916, Lovat Scouts went on to become the British Army's first sniper unit.
Which is why now, it has become imperative for army personnel, special operations soldiers to take all necessary steps for them be almost completely undetectable? Soldier's camouflaged uniforms and paint are not enough, in today's war climate fought in the natural environment. Snipers, Hunter, Soldiers must be able to blend perfectly into their surroundings. Which is where the question of "Do Ghillie Suits Work?" come into play. Many professional snipers, game hunters, and soldiers elect to wear a Ghillie Suit.
If Special Operations use Ghillie Suits for ultimate concealment in order to protect their life then Hunters and Paintball enthusiast are definitely going to experience success with these suits. Ghillie Suits are gaining much more popularity for the recreational user mainly because they are fun and they work. As the demand for Ghillie Suits grow, so does the variations and customization of our suits. All most all of our suits come with different color options to best match your particular wildlife environment. Most suits also have netting where you are able to attach local vegetation for even better concealment. This is recommended for optimum performance. We also carry patches that allow you to attach vegetation to your existing camouflage clothing.
As many consider the Ghillie Suit a human invisibility cloak; Ghillie Suit effectiveness depends on you're the choices. We offer many different styles and types of Ghillie Suit concealment & camouflage, which include a full body suit, Poncho Style Ghillie Suits, Ghillie Pants, Upper Body Ghillie Suits, Back Packs, Face Veils, Head Covers, and more. How the suit is made and the materials used in the suit are very important to ensure that you get as much concealment as possible.
Ghillie Suits work, when you combine the right concealment products with considering scent camouflage. Animals can scent human beings, which is why professional hunters recommend buying scent to fit your environment or creating your own from mud, manure, twigs, leaves, and more to ensure that their Ghillie Suit is as camouflaged as possible

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