Buy or Build Your Next Ghillie Suit?

Published: 08th October 2008
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The ghillie suit designed for hunting, military operations & personnel, snipers and simulated warfare like in paintball. A Ghillie Suit provides complete camouflage coverage for the wearer giving them instant invisibility when in the elements surrounded by trees, heavy underbrush and forest surroundings. The Ghillie Suit, worn full body, covering the head distorts and breaks a humans distinct outline, scent and texture.

For many military personnel and seasoned professionals, opt to create their own Ghillie Suits. While others choose to purchase "Create-Your-Own" Ghillie Suit kits online, or even do it themselves from old clothes, jute, burlap and shoo goo. This may a great cost saver, but creating your Ghillie Suit is extremely time consuming even for the professional military personnel or hunter. Creating your own Ghillie Suit can take up to a minimum of 100 hours and that's not too mention its extremely a tedious, meticulous and tiresome task. Homemade Ghillie Suits also come restrictions, if you choose to attach natural items like twigs and leaves will have to frequently replace these attachments.

The quality of professionally made Ghillie Suits is far more superior than any homemade Ghillie Suit that can be made. Today's, modern Ghillie Suit are built to be lightweight, cooler, resistant to water, fire, mildew and machine washable - key to any hunter, sniper or paintball enthusiast. Ghillie Suits that are made cheaply, or more "costumes" than tools for serious hunters, snipers, or paintball enthusiasts. Because they will not be realistic. Premium Ghillie Suits can sell for over $100.00

As new Ghillie Suits are made to be machine-washable, not all are - and its not they just can't be machine-washable, is because their base materials such as burlap or jute or attachments like foliage is not durable enough to withstand the harshness of the machine. In many instances synthetic foliages tend to get severely damaged and destroyed during the wash cycle. If your Ghillie Suit does live to see another hunt, then it will most likely have a "nice" lemony smell, that would scare game, or let your enemy know your nearby. You would need to get your Ghillie Suit to start smelling the like the forest again.

If you value performance and quality, then you should purchase a new Ghillie Suit, though if its just for fun, you can find inexpensive Ghillie Suits or apparel pieces for less than $30.00 on

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