Are Ghillie Suits Legal?

Published: 08th October 2008
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The ghillie suit is a specially made camouflaged outwear, worn by hunters, snipers, military personnel and even paintball enthusiasts to deceive their enemy or prey. The whole purpose of the Ghillie Suit is for the wearer to completely blend into their desired surrounding and unnoticed by their enemy or prey. Made from authentic and synthetic materials, a combination of both or exclusive one or the other, to imitate leaves, twigs and heavy underbrush. When a Ghillie Suit is utilized fully and properly gives a 3-Dimensional impression of human invisibility.

The Ghillie Suit is such an effective tool in targeting your enemy or prey, many have questioned its legality. In the United States at least, many communities do not prohibit the use of the Ghillie suit in public or while being used in group gaming, though when being utilized for hunting - several red flags are raised.

The Ghillie Suit's realism, to the extent of going undetected by humans and animals and able to easily fool animals by covering and eliminating your human scent by scenting yourself up with natural environmental scents posses an "unfair advantage". But are Ghillie Suits Legal? Because of the unfair advantage, in some states and hunting ranges - they might actually prohibit or limit the use of Ghillie Suits. While some state laws require hunters wear bright color when hunting as to give a "deer" a fighting chance for survival. To be completely sure, check your local police station or hunting license office for any Ghillie Suit laws that may limit the way you conduct your hunt.

In all, when you ask seasoned hunters, snipers, and military professionals, they will all tell you Ghillie Suits make all the difference. Hunting is easier with the Ghillie Suit, no questions asked. Ghillie Suits come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and designs - and are designed for the various environments they are optimal to be used in. Such styles include; the Desert Ghillie Suit, Mossy Ghillie Suit, Woodland Ghillie Suit, and Timber Ghillie Suit.

Ghillie Suits are highly effective and is no surprise why they are used by top tier snipers, and hunters all over the world!

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